William Blake Poetry

UNIT 4 OUTCOME 2 Area of Study 2 - Close Analysis
The great Willaim Blake! So many poems!! For this area of study, you are required to interpret, analyse and compare the following poems:
From Poetical Sketches (1783)
  • Song ('How sweet I roam'd from field to field')

  • Visions of the Daughters of Albion (1793)

From Songs of Innocence (1789)
  • The Lamb
  • The Little Black Boy
  • The Chimney Sweeper
  • Infant Joy

From Songs of Experience (1793)
  • The Sick Rose
  • The Tyger
  • London
  • Infant Sorrow

From The Pickering Manuscript (1805)
  • Mary
  • Auguries of Innocence

From The Four Zoas (1797-1805)
  • What is the price of experience (35:11-36:13)

From Milton (1804; c. 1810-18)
  • And did those feet in ancient time (lines 1-16)

It looks like a lot, but do not despair as we will all study them together! There are a lot of resources to help you out too. This list is just a starter so you know which poems to look at. (Obviously you can look at others in the collection too.....!)

Research/Contextual info documents. They will help with your understanding of the poems, so take time to read them!!

A variety of articles and essays are included in the above folder

Notes on the poems

A great site for helping you to analyse and write about Auguries of Innocence.

Poetic Techniques

Power Point that will help you with writing a comparative analysis

Links to Daughters of Albion

Sample Responses

A Power Point outlining the key ideas we have studied

Mary Wollstonecraft info...

What is Wisdom?